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Diversity is the key to rich experiences.

The Amexem Society's mandate is to facilitate a collaborative partnership with the city of  Vancouver on behalf of various artists and performers within the Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-hop, Spoken Word, Soul/Neo/Latin-Soul genres. Our success is rooted in our efforts to holistically integrate the distinct vibe of the culture surrounding these genres into the Vancouver Roots Cultural Experience. By bridging the gap between Vancouver and domestic or international artists typically unknown to Vancouver's mainstream music landscape, we hope to establish a  sustainable channel for endless opportunities whilst simultaneously contributing to the betterment of Vancouver's heritage through the arts and cultural awareness.


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Introducing ... the colourful elements of African, Caribbean, Latin Soul culture through timeless music, interactive festivals, and engaging virtual performances. Our aim with each event is to exceed expectations through innovative stage-production, strategic planning, powerful visuals, precise sound, and partnership building.

Our capacity reaches far beyond the arts! By developing community programs centred around our mandate, we also aspire to foster valuable relationships between our partners, funders, and the vast network of artists that we work with. Through this commitment, we hope to establish and facilitate diversified and interconnected communities.

This is Amexem.

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Are you a business that offers live entertainment or cultural experiences to your community? Connect with us to amplify your events with epic live performances from local artists as well as some of the biggest names in Reggae, Soul, Neo/Latin Soul entertainment. 

How does this work? The Amexem mandate seamlessly aligns with any enterprise that provides cultural entertainment. Our unique position in the communities we serve enables us to have a mass reach in terms of resources, creating the necessary channels to attract a wider audience.

We provide a colourful experience complete atmosphere design, lighting, photography, videography, and marketing services to attract a substantial crowd.

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My commitment to connecting communities come from observing human behaviour and the qualities which make us individuals. It is the same quality which makes us all a collective and that is ... soul.

Founder and Executive Director

Ky-mani Marley and I at his book signing for his autobiography "Dear Dad". 

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